General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are entirely consistent with the Law on e-commerce and the Consumer Protection Act


"Consumer" shall be any natural person who acquires products or uses services for purposes that do not fall within the sphere of his or her commercial or professional activity, and any natural person who, as a party to a contract under this Act, acts outside his or her commercial or professional capacity. “Trader" shall be any natural or legal person who or which sells or offers for sale products, or provides services to consumers, or who or which concludes a contract with a consumer within his, her or its commercial or professional capacity, whether in the public or private sector, as well as anyone acting on behalf of and for the account of a trader.

"Product" shall be any product of labour, which is intended for consumption or may be used by consumers, even if not intended for them, and which is supplied or made available in the course of a commercial activity, whether for consideration or not, and whether new, used or reconditioned.

Consumer rights and responsibilities

The consumer has the right to examine and buy online the books, which can be found on the website under the terms and conditions specified therein. The consumer has the right to be informed about the progress of his/her purchase. The purchase will be made available to a consumer only on this website. By making a payment the consumer buys himself/herself access to a private profile and the book for which the payment was made, explicitly online. The consumer shall not have the right to copy the books and distribute them in any form. The consumer is obliged to pay the price of the product he/she had ordered.

In order to make purchases from our online store at you must have a registration with a password and an email address or a name of the recipient, a phone number and a delivery address. Registration is free and can be done by filling out the Registration Form.

Customers are expected to provide the true requisite information. By registering on the website they agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Customers are obliged to abide by the Bulgarian legislation, the present Terms and Conditions, Internet ethics, and the rules of morality and decency.

The content of the e-books, the posts and of the website has been written by Slavina Biserova Raynova. The information is targeted at individuals who want to achieve the desired results, whether in sport or nutrition. Not a single of these books targets a particular type of customer. They are not targeted either to people with health problems or such whose health might be influenced in any way by the intensity of the workouts. If you have a health problem, please consult your doctor.

The content of the online books also called “Guides” is designed only as a recommendation of how to improve your way of life and not as a substitute of professional medical advice, diagnose, treatment, etc.

The same holds true of all articles published in the Blog section. The books' potential users cover a wild spectrum of the population. Each and every specific health problem is to be discussed with a physician – the Guides are not to be used for that purpose.

The online books do not promote extreme diets. The material in the books is the result of research and training and SET MY BODY LTD is not to be held responsible for any ways of interpreting and using the information.

Based on the premise that each individual has a unique physique and constitution SET MY BODY Ltd does not guarantee concrete results in a definite span of time. We only provide directions based on publications and personal experience.

All information published on the website are under the protection of the copyright legislation. This means that any distribution, coping, resale, lending, saving in a sharing system information in whole or abstracts of it, are prohibited, except if given permission by the author and manager of SET MY BODY Ltd – Slavina Raynova.

SET MY BODY Ltd reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. Users will be informed about any change with a Notice on the website.

SET MY BODY Ltd also reserves the right to discontinue or make changes to the services offered on the site.

The parties declare that if any of the clauses of the present General Terms and Conditions contradicts the law it will not result in proclaiming the contract null and void. The faulty clause will be replaced by the respective provisions of the law and the established practice. Any terms and conditions not specified here shall be subject to regulation by Bulgarian legislation.

Ownership of the website and Copyright provisions

This website is owned by the company SET MY BODY Ltd. Customers are prohibited from changing, deleting, reproducing, copying and licensing content, layout, structure and information from the website, as well as from selling or reselling information, software, products or services obtained directly from or via the company website.

All content uploaded on the website is the exclusive property of SET MY BODY Ltd and can be used only with the explicit written permission of its owner. Any violation of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions shall be liable to prosecution under the Copyright and Related Rights Act. In the case of technical problems or ill-intended actions against the system the owners of SET MY BODY Ltd have the right to stop the placement of orders and the delivery of purchases from the website.