In case of ANY QUESTIONS THAT DO NOT APPEAR HERE Mall CONTACT ME FOR SPECIFIED IMEYLI.Nie we are all very different and special. Every body works differently and each body changes with their pace. But surely the end of the first guide also subject to the diet when each of you will have progress. I do not sell a magic pill, drink tea or quick results are not retained. My goal is every woman opened my guide to change your lifestyle and find the only magic - the body sooner or later repays efforts.
Unfortunately really good results are achieved when proper nutrition and sports. The two things go hand in hand. Best results are achieved when the efforts for the body both outside and inside.
No. This is not a prescription, and the author is not a physician. Please read terms and conditions.
Разбира се!
Food can be prepared in advance and in a very tense situations to replace food (described in the book). The duration of the training, not a full hour, which is about 3 percent of your day :) My advice is to try to have a strict plan for the day to be housed workout. If you need more information on this issue - please contact me.
Of course!
The number of calories burned during each exercise is different. It also depends on height, weight, intensity, effort and numerous factors. Therefore, it can not be said with accuracy. I can not lie, as occurs in multiple training programs, but I do not think that is right. I can recommend to buy a sports watch or bracelet that measure your heart rate and calories burned. This is a good way to see progress, because I'm sure that over time you burn more calories because efforts are making and the fact that you have become stronger.